last modification: The 14th of March 2024

You don't need to simplify your models. From now.

Dear Modelers, Dear Friends!

Finally, I can show you something new. I finally managed to finish two new engines. They are Oberursel U0 in standard and early versions. The early version is a copy of the Gnome Lambda engine and is very similar to it. However, it is not identical. It has slightly different dimensions (the Oberursel is longer), and differs in details such as plugs and tappet tube outputs. There are also a few differences in the crankshaft itself.

The standard version of the Oberursel U0 is already significantly different from the original. See the photos below. Models will be available soon.

I checked to see if the engine fits the Fokker EI WNW cowling. It fits perfectly. Of course, the corresponding mount will be included.

There are also a few new small products: these are screws and generic cockpit parts.

A few of our latest products you can see below:

Sloted bolts with slotted
hexagonal nuts 40 pieces
Diameter from 0.5mm

price: 3.5 USD

Cockpit signal lights 13 pieces
Base diameter from 0.4mm

price: 8 USD
Base diameter:

Lever switches type 1, 10 pieces
Base diameter 0.3mm

price: 3.5 USD
Base diameter

Lever switches type 2, 10 pieces
Base diameter 0.2mm

price: 3.5 USD
Base diameter