last modification: The 7th of November 2019

You don't need to simplify Your models. From now.

Dear Modelers, Dear Friends!

I must inform you that from today I suspend my business. The reason is a pandemic situation and situation in Poland.
In this situation, instead of fighting with a system and losing time, I decided to focus on my work. Taurus will be back with new products (including a new type of products), new, higher, quality. I have to cut off from the WingNut Wings since this brand does not exist any more. So sadÖ
Iíll be still modelling and present progress in my engines to you. When Iím ready, Iíll open TaurusModels again.

3235: Clerget 9B, scale 1:32.

3236: Clerget 9Z, scale 1:32.

A few of our latest products you can see below:

Spark plugs
Used in late rotary engines

price: 4.64 USD

Hexagonal nuts 40 pieces
Diameters: 0.3 - 1.6mm

price: 2.90 USD

Hexagonal nuts - a set of various diameters
Diameters from 0.3 to 1.6mm

price: 5.50 USD