last modification: The 7th of November 2019

You don't need to simplify Your models. From now.

Dear Modelers!

Finally, the Polish Postal has partly restored international shipping service. For this moment I can send to almost all countries except for Austria, Irland, and Spain. I don't know what about Japan, I'll ask.
Thus, I restore the possibility od shopping also. If the realization of some order is impossible, I'll inform you and refund you all costs via PayPal.

3235: Clerget 9B, scale 1:32.

3236: Clerget 9Z, scale 1:32.

A few of our latest products you can see below:

Spark plugs
Used in late rotary engines

price: 4.64 USD

Hexagonal nuts 40 pieces
Diameters: 0.3 - 1.6mm

price: 2.90 USD

Hexagonal nuts - a set of various diameters
Diameters from 0.3 to 1.6mm

price: 5.50 USD